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My name is Lizbeth. Grab a panda and join me as I leave Las Vegas in pursuit of adventure in China's tea houses, classrooms, dirt roads, and industrial cities. I shoot with a Nikon D3100 and am sharing my journey through it's lens.

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Sam, Heather, Mary, and I got our first ear cleanings while sipping tea at People’s Park. I was super nervous, but it surely was an interesting experience…

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    If I were to follow the standards of all of the above ignorant commentators, who have likely not travelled far out of...
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    oh my god, word to all of the criticisms of the op like how would this even work with wet earwax …is something i don’t...
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    The blog name (chopsticksandtravelshoes) says it all.
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    Prince ain’t up for that shit. When they started selling ear cones at the local hippie market I was like, mmmm.
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    I laughed really, really, hard at “It looks smug and white.” Because it is true. Also, I did not know that there was a...
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    You hear that, y’all? Other people’s cultures are an “adventure” to be had. Never mind that the commodification of said...
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    Interesting, I was unaware that ear cleaning (by anyone but doctors) was even a thing. Thanks for the commentary!
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    First of all, read this post. I’m really glad Jamie put the disgusted feeling I have when I see posts like this into...